The Value of Patient Education

Posted by Glaucoma Research Foundation on

Glaucoma Research Foundation offers free, comprehensive, unbiased educational publications for your glaucoma patients. We are strong advocates of patient education, and our publications are reviewed and approved by glaucoma specialists.

The value of patient education can be summarized as:

  • Improved understanding of one's medical condition, diagnosis, and disease
  • Improved understanding of methods and means to manage multiple aspects of glaucoma
  • Improved self-advocacy when working in cooperation with one's doctor
  • Increased Compliance - Effective communication and patient education increases patient motivation to comply
  • Patient Outcomes - Patients more likely to respond well to their treatment plan with fewer complications
  • Informed Consent - Patients feel the doctor has provided the information they need
  • Satisfaction and referrals - Patients more likely to stay with the doctor's practice and refer other patients

Order your patient education materials from Glaucoma Research Foundation, and you will have an informed patient that better understands the importance of adherence to therapy and has a more thorough understanding of his or her diagnosis.